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Most of my tombstones are made from extruded foam insulation, which is primarily used to insulate homes and in pouring foundations. You can find it at most lumberyards and builders supply stores. Watch building sites. After pouring foundations, builders normally tear the foam off in large chunks and throw it away. It comes in various thicknesses: I use 2 inch for most work, and 1/2 inch for layering or odds and ends. The 2 inch foam usually comes in 4' x 8’ sheets with two perforations, so it can be "snapped" into three long sections. If you can, have your lumber person cut the foam against the perforation twice (you should get three 32 inch wide sections), then you can snap three sections from that. You can make nine 16" x 32" or six 32" x 24" stones from a sheet.

Stacks of blue foam as they are found in nature.


A single sheet 4' x 8'


This is Mitch, my lumber guy, who knows what I do with it, never rolls his eyes and always calls me "Hey woman!" I suspect he doesn't remember my name.

A closeup of the backside. Note the perforations.


Mitch cuts against the perforations into three 32" sections that I can later snap into 2-3 pieces, depending on the size I want.