Rat Feast!

   These are the animated rats MrKeeba created last year from a few of the many rubber rats we seem to receive as Christmas/Birthday gifts each year. I apologize for the quality of the animated GIF, but I wanted to keep the load time down.
   The rat munching on the toe is one of those "Rat-in-a-trap" toys that MrKeeba wired in. It lies on its side and writhes. The larger rat doesnt move (at this point in time), but holds the leg to keep it steady. The tan rat doing the most animated munching uses a VCR motor. There is a wire strung through the rats mouth that is connected to the gear of the VCR motor, which then simply pulls the hollow, foam-filled rat up and down. The wire is hidden in the "gore" coming from the leg.
   The effect is enhanced with basic homemade blood (corn syrup and red food dye) mixed with dish detergent to keep the bugs away. Between the detergent, evening dew and action of the rat, it foamed slightly, creating strings of bloody rabid foam from the rats mouth and the leg. For such a small effect, whipped up in only a couple of hours, it was one of the big hits of the display.

Here are two closeups of the VCR motor used for the rats. You can still see the coat hanger wire attached