Jack & Dave's
Meat Emporium

All labels and signs print on a single sheet of paper.
I have even rotated the pages (when necessary)
to fit standard sized print paper for you.>

Labels are fitted to specific sized cans, as noted.

I will add more as I make them.

If you have something specific you need, email me.
I'll see what I can do.

Click on thumbnail image to go to actual label for download.


This is just a wall sign
for your butcher shop.
Center it on one sheet.

Print these out, one per sheet. You can either cut them out and glue them to
the front of a box, or if you wish to create a "stack" of boxes
(creating depth without actually having boxes),
simply print the design centered on each page,
bend back the edges, trim as needed, glue together
and then glue entire "stack" onto a sheet of cardboard.

(2 per sheet)


Two labels per sheet.
Fits a standard
corned beef can

This label fits a standard tuna can.
Six labels per sheet.

Two labels per sheet. Fits a standard Campbells soup can.

Two labels per sheet.
We had them on a corked wine bottle, but will fit many sizes of bottles or cans.

One label per sheet.
Fits a large soup can,
such as Campbells Select.

Two labels per sheet.
Fits a standard SPAM can.

One label per sheet.
Fits most standard cans.